Frequently Asked Questions

I guess that your car is sensitive to the led headlight,after all,the power of the original bulbs is different from the led,some cars may occur flickering or computer self-check error.If you get this issue,please contact with our customer service to get decoders,it will be ok.

H4 will work in 2017 Toyota Tundra as high-low beam and H16 is fog light.

If you can drill a hole in the dust cover, it will be better. If you need any help ,just feel free to contact with us.

Our bulbs are plug and play, unless your car is sensitive to LED lights, you will need to contact us to add a pair of decoders. Otherwise you don't have to add anything.

H11 work for 2007 camry se as low beam.

Thanks for your question,I have helped you check,the 9005 and 9006 can work for your car as high beam and fog light,please check it.If you have any question or need any help,please contact me,then I will try my best to help you solve it.

Our LED lights are mostly white with a little blue, as long as you pay attention to the installation, do not touch the lamp bead part, it will not emit a very clear blue light.

Thanks for the question, if your original bulb is also the same size, then it will fit . Please take out your original bulb and check its back. Thanks.

9005 will work in 2007 Honda Civic as high beam,9006 as low beam and H11 is fog light.

Under normal circumstances, customers do not need to adjust their own angles. If you need to adjust the angle, take H11 as an example, first take out the red rubber ring and then use the hexagonal little helper to loosen the lamp body. Then can shoot after the angle is announced.